Staying at Home

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell
Staying home for the summer just wasn’t an option for my kids because I knew they’d get bored after about the first 20 minutes here at the house. I love them to death but they’ve all got the attention spans of Jack Russell Terriers and I needed more time to plan than I had on my hands! Luckily my mother said she’d take them for three weeks which they loved since she lives at the lake. They spend their days on the boat or on her internet she got through one of thoseWild Blue Deals in Dover Tennessee and they always come home ready to sleep for a week. I’m planning another camping vacation for us since it will be cheap and I know they’ve all been talking about going to Vacation Bible School which will be really nice. Whatever they do I just hope I find something to keep them out of my hair since I’m used to running this place on my own and without any little ones under my feet!