The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez
I checked into upgrading our television package when I went to There were really some great deals and I was able to upgrade my package to get HBO for a lot less expensive than I thought I would be able to. All of my friends were talking about this show that comes on HBO called “Boardwalk Empire”. They were talking about it so much, I felt like I had to get HBO to keep up with what was going on. I started watching it and caught up with episodes that I had missed. I absolutely love the show. It is a drama that is based in the 1920’s. It is about bootlegging and politics in Atlantic City. All of the costuming is great and accurate to the period ( I love twenties clothes). The sets are also beautifully done. The show is addictive. It is directed by Martin Scorcese and produced by Mark Whalberg, no wonder it is a great show! I just wish I started watching and was able to enjoy it sooner!