Son Moving

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel
When my son wanted to move to New York after he graduated from college, I was worried. Understandably worried, in my opinion. I had visions of large crime rates and incredibly expensive apartments and difficulty finding a good job, and in every vision, the ending went something like this: my son moves to New York, he can’t find a job, can’t pay for his apartment, ends up living on the street and turns to a life of crime. My husband has helpfully pointed out that this was not the most realistic scenario and helped me see that we should probably focus on setting our son up for success in New York. I agree now that was a lot more helpful than sitting around worrying all day. So! We went shopping for new furnishings for his apartment, and we flew up there to help him find an apartment. He was able to find a job without a problem, and he and his roommates seem to love it there. I think it was the best decision for him after college. In all of my research, I was also able to find out that New York is a state that offers Energy Providers New York and he can choose his gas provider to save some money.

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